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Zero Brokerage Unlimited Trading is Derivative market advisory Forum, rendering its services to a large clientele all over India. We are committed to bringing our clients the most cutting-edge information and ideas. We provides recommendations and Professional guidance in stock cash, stock future, Nifty futures, commodities and currency derivatives. We understand the significance and value of your investment. With this in mind,

Our Experienced team members acts as vital business inputs to Your investments & risk management  services and solutions in the field of  equities, forex and commodities, besides jobbing, arbitrage and rendering of research based advisory services for clients supported by a strong research team. Our comprehensive trading plans and investment strategies cater to all classes of Investors and traders. which combined with a high degree of solution and technical skills ensures Profitable With us. Using the vast experience and latest software tools, our quality analyst able to predict the secret movements in trade market on time to time with the great accuracy.

We guide you through the exciting world of commodities trading, as a client you will experience the highest level of quality service with the utmost level of integrity.  With the capabilities and resources at our disposal, our attempt is to offer you the best products, services, and opportunities available in the commodities markets. We also offer specialised services like SMS Alerts  daily / weekly Newsletter giving information on daily / weekly market trends and trading strategies etc.

We have the most advanced, hi-tech in-house Research wing equipped with some of the best people, process and technology resources providing complete research solutions in commodity and currency derivatives. Our team supports you with real time research calls with far most accuracy and also provides information about trends of all derivative products.  

Our Analysis

we analyze different parameters to help our clients make more profitable trades. 

Trends Trend describes the persistence of prices to move in a particular direction over a certain period of time. Our Research letter will never allow you to trade against the trend.

Direction Direction within a trend describes whether a particular stock or commodity is flowing with the trend or retracing against the trend.

Market Strength Market strength describes the level of interest in a company. Higher volumes indicate more participants and therefore more strength.

Momentum Momentum describes the speed at which prices move over a certain period of time. Changes in momentum tend to preempt changes in price.

Volatility Volatility describes the magnitude of day-to-day price fluctuations. Changes in volatility tend to preempt changes in price.

Cycles Some securities show a tendency to move in cycle patterns. Price changes can frequently be anticipated at key cyclical intervals.

Support & Resistance Support and Resistance describes the phenomenon of prices repeatedly rising and falling between certain prices levels. When price penetrates support or resistance levels, they tend to establish new support and resistance levels.

Patterns Patterns describe recognizable shapes on a stock chart. Certain patterns preempt changes in price.

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